PodPhone to Mac

PodPhone to Mac is a powerful app to transfer songs from iDevice(including iPod, and iOS Devices) to mac computers, and rebuild iTunes music library with the copied songs.

▼ download Version: 3.40

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PodPhone to PC

PodPhone to PC, software that transfers music songs, movie videos, play lists and photo images from iPhone/iPod Touch to iTunes on PC computer. PodPhone to PC detects contents on your iPhone/iPod Touch automatically, and one click to start synchronize transfer process. PodPhone to PC lets you export photos to anywhere on you computer.

▼ download Version: 4.01

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iPad File Explorer

iPad File Explorer is an easy tool to browse and manage files and folders of you iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch. With iPad File Explorer, you can copy and remove files for your iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch easily just as if it were usb disk or flash disk.

▼ download Windows Version: 4.10

▼ download Mac Version: 3.20

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iTunes Duplicates Cleaner

iTunes Duplicates Cleaner manages to remover duplicated songs of music library in iTunes.

▼ download Mac Version: 2.63

▼ download Windows Version: 1.9.5

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Contacts Duplicates Remover

Contacts Duplicates Remover clear duplicated contacts in Mac Address Book.

▼ download Version: 1.10

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iOS Bulk Porter

iOS Bulk Porter (iBP) is a tool for developer to copy files to multiple iPhone and iPad.

▼ download Version: 1.11

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